How to sign-up for WePay in AttendStar

How to Sign-up for WePay in AttendStar

You can sign-up for a WePay user account without ever having to leave AttendStar, and still be able to use it outside of AttendStar as well.
  1. Create your event (here’s the article on how to do that) or go to your existing event
  2. Get to the Ticket Payment Options page (Step 5 in the Wizard or the Ticketing menu and Ticket Payment Options
  3. Select the WePay option

  4. Choose “Create a new WePay user account for me”


  5. Choose your pricing tier and any other special options you want

  6. Click the “Save & Finish” button

  7. Check the email associated with your AttendStar account, you should have received an email from WePay asking you to confirm registration

  8. Click the “Confirm” link, which will take you to the WePay website.

  9. Enter in the password of your choice and click the Confirm button

  10. You will receive a confirmation page, click the link that says “Go To AttendStar Ticket Fees”

  11. This will take you back to your AttendStar account. Go back to the Ticket Payment Options page (if you were not taken back there automatically)

  12. Now, you should see all of your WePay account information under the WePay option.

  13. Congratulations! You’re finished!
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