How WePay Works & The Benefits of Wepay

How WePay Works & The Benefits of WePay


Using WePay is much like using PayPal. It’s good for first-time event managers and recurring smaller events.

What it does
WePay is a way to collect payments online without the hassle of a merchant account, website, programming or other payment gateway.  WePay will process credit cards and drop all funds collected into your WePay account, of which you can have transferred to your bank account or given as a check. When integrated with AttendStar, our ticketing fee is automatically separated from your ticket price, so you never have to worry about any AttendStar fees!
What it costs
WePay charges 3.5% of your total ticket price or a minimum of $0.50 in order to process credit cards and take payments.  The best part is there are no sign-up fees, no commitments and no monthly charges. Your ticket buyers may use MC, VISA, or Discover.  Money is available right in your WePay account as tickets are sold, just like any other payment processing option. In addition, your WePay account extends beyond anything you do with AttendStar. You can also use it for your online store, to collect donations, send bills and much more! Click here to see all you can do with WePay!
Why AttendStar has partnered with WePay
We at AttendStar like WePay. They’re great people to work with, and you’ll actually be working with REAL people whose main priority, like ours, is superior customer service. They’re incredibly straight-forward system makes the most inexperienced event manager, promoter and whoever else look like a pro at accounting and event reconciliations. On top of everything else, it is an extremely quick payment processing option, with it only taking a few days to transfer everything over!
How to sign-up
If you do not already have a WePay account you may set it up inside AttendStar for any event. There is no need to go to WePay and create an account, although that is always an option by clicking
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